Our Mission

The Medium, Small and Micro scale Sector is hugely affected due to the economic slowdown worldwide and the nature of these businesses in India has meant that they have been affected even worse. The working capital crunch has always been a big burden on the day to day operations of the MSMEs and the Covid situation has amplified this problem. The current Banking and Financial Services Industry is unable to help these businesses out.Briefly speaking, the current lending scenario for the MSME sector is very cumbersome.

We at Earnvestt Technologies aim to address this issue for Indian Entrepreneurs through our proprietary technology and our network of lenders on the platform. We are a fintech platform that provides invoice financing services for MSMEs through which they can raise quick cash against their due invoices. Earnvestt allows MSMEs to raise upto 94% of the due invoice within 48 to 72 hours post verification. The platform is only accessible to MSMEs in our network, use the SignUp button above to join the network and enter the new age of capital management.

How it works

MSMEs upload their invoice

We allow MSMEs to upload their invoices and other receivables (as per RBI directive) onto our platform. These are then verified end to end through our AI based verification tools.

Investment Sourcing

After end-to-end verification, we list these invoices into our invoice marketplace where retail investors (as per the RBI Directives) can invest in these invoices and financing is raised.

Loan structuring

Once sufficient investors have agreed to finance an invoice, the financing partners underwrites an invoice financing loan to the MSME using their proprietary digital tools.

Repayment and Mandates

On the due date of the invoice, the MSME is expected to make their vendors pay into their designated bank accounts, in case the payment is not made after the 7 day buffer period, the MSMEs bank account is debited.

About Us:

We at Earnvestt Technologies are working towards building tools to empower small businesses. Leveraging the power of decentralization, we are introducing our invoice financing platform that allows MSMEs to manage their working capital needs and raise financing against their due receivables.

Our Team


Past experience in Finance, Investment Banking and Business strategy with skills in Financial Modelling, Pricing and Valuation.

Product & Operations

Past experiences in Strategy and Operation Management, Product Management with skills in Designing and Data Analyses.


Skilled in Marketing and Operations Management,Data Analysis, Business Strategy and Consulting.

Data Scientist

Past experience in Networks, E commerce risk modelling, Image Processing with skills in Python, Deep Learning, ML and AI.

Tech Lead

Past experience in Telecoms and Networking with skills in Python and Javascript.Interested in development for Blockchain and Fintech.